Internationale Competitie

Internationale Competitie

Frankie Li - Taiwan

Chilli Pepper

A bowl of noodles without chilli peppers pushes a couple to the boundary of their relationship…  

Olivia Waring - United kingdom

Flora & Fauna

Innocent young loner Sarah – who finds solace in poetry and her idol Gary Barlow – is corrupted by a deranged and diabolical older girl, who goes by the name of Flora. She once went to Sarah’s school and now habitually terrorises young boys around their seaside town. With the help of her new little paramour, Flora decides she has bigger fish to fry – committing the “perfect murder”, for starters….

Arseny Nazaruk - Russia


A lonely woman tries to enter relationships, but every attempt to become closer with a new partner ends up with a deep trauma. After a series of failures to share her love with her beloved ones, she decides to literally share it with the whole world by becoming a prostitute

Alejandro Mathé - Germany

Mourning Rites

Filmed in one long take, the film tells the story of a mourning woman in her twenties, who is preparing to summon the ghost of her grandmother using a Ouija board at the laundrette where she died. While a storm rages outside, a loud-mouthed Drag Queens wiggles her way in disturbing her plans.  

Sayaka Katsumoto - japan

Peace | Lemon

Peace | Lemon explores two stories through a word association game surrounding two motifs: a can of tobacco and a lemon. The video is accompanied by a subtitle track explaining the two motif’s unique historical contexts. Meanwhile, the artist interprets the fantasy and fetishistic world of post-war Japanese protestors, moving through images and sound in a ‘satisfying video’ style.